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The Chesterfield Township Library was legally established in 1994 as a free public library established in a township under Section 10 of PA 164, and has an elected six-member governing board of trustees that serve 4-year terms. While the Library operates and is governed under separate authority from the township, the Library is a local unit of government.

What is the library's current operating millage rate?

  • The Library levies a single, operating millage at the rate of 0.7 mills.
  • That millage rate is reduced by the Headlee Amendment.
  • Actual FY2020 operating rollback millage rate: 0.6184
  • The July 01, 2019 U.S. Census Estimate lists the median housing value in Chesterfield Township as $187,100. Based on taxable value, that homeowner currently pays about $57.85/year or $4.82/month or $0.16 cents/day for public library services. 
  • $187,100/2 = $93,550 x 0.6184 = $57,851/1000 = $57.85/year/365 = $0.16 cents/day

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