Millage Proposal

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Millage Proposal

Vote Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Why is the Chesterfield Township Library requesting a new millage in the amount of 1.00 mill for a period of 20 years?

The purpose of the referendum is to fund the construction and operation of the new public library.

In 1994, residents of Chesterfield Township approved an operating millage rate of 0.7 mills. This rate has been reduced by more than 12% to 0.615 mills over the years because of the Headlee Amendment. The effects of these losses equate to over $153,000 annually. Learn more about the library's budget and finances.

  • Actual 2020 Tax Rate for 2021 Revenue: 0.615
  • The July 01, 2019 U.S. Census Estimate lists the median housing value in Chesterfield Township as $199,300. Based on taxable value, that homeowner currently pays about $61.28/year or $5.11/month or $0.17 cents/day for public library services.
  • $199,300/2 = $99,650 x 0.615 = $61,285/1000 = $61.28/year/365 = $0.17 cents/day
Click here to find your home's taxable value.

Watch the architect's presentation to Chesterfield Township Trustees via YouTube video at the February 25, 2020 Township Board meeting. (@ minute 11:35)

Read the architect's narrative regarding the construction design of the new public library. 

Estimated construction time is 3 years.

Watch the Library Board presentation to Chesterfield Township Trustees via YouTube video at the April 13, 2021 Township Board meeting. (@ minute 7:30)

If the millage is APPROVED:
  • The construction of a new, 35,000 square foot public library building to serve the needs of modern library users in our growing community
  • Elimination of $120,000 per year in facility rental costs to be redirected into early literacy programs and outreach partnerships
  • Individual quiet study rooms, small group tutoring spaces, conference room, community performance room
  • Increased public service hours including Sundays
  • Expansion of seating areas for adults, teens and children with windows and natural light
  • Expansion of library services for young children, students, families, seniors, small business owners and others
  • Increased investment in innovative technologies and library materials including physical and digital books, movies and music, online instruction for every age, research tools
  • Improved access to genealogy and local history collections
If the millage is NOT APPROVED:
  • 13,500 square feet of finished library facility space with a capacity of only 116 people in a community of 50,000 residents
  • No public service hours on Sundays
  • 14 computers and 8 electrical outlets for public use
  • Single meeting room for scout troops or community organizations
  • No private study rooms
  • 25 public parking spaces for programs and events

How much will it cost?
The chart below illustrates what the total millage will cost based on the market value of a home.

Highlighted Ballot Proposal
Example: Taxable Value x Millage Rate = Annual cost. $100,000 x 1.615 = $161.50/year; $13.46/month; $0.44/day

Vote Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Find your polling place, make sure you are registered, request an absentee ballot, and more at the Michigan Secretary of State.

What's on the Ballot?

Library Millage Proposal

Shall the limitation on taxes which may be imposed on taxable property in the Charter Township of Chesterfield, County of Macomb, Michigan, be increased in an amount not to exceed 1.00 mill ($1.00 per $1,000 of taxable value) for a period of twenty (20) years, 2021 to 2040, inclusive, as new additional millage, in order to provide library funds for all library purposes authorized by law for the Chesterfield Township Library, including the costs associated with acquiring, constructing, furnishing and equipping a library facility?  If approved and levied in its entirety in 2021, this millage would raise an estimated $1,803,677 for the Library.