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Mission Statement

The mission of the Chesterfield Township Library is to enrich our community with unlimited opportunities for learning and discovery through excellence in services, resources, and cultural programs.

Vision Statement
Anchored in excellence...Unlimited horizons

Core Values

Equal Access = Equal Opportunity
Equal access to information, ideas and resources means equal opportunity for success.

Participation as an informed citizen in our democracy requires access to information - government information that is primarily online at .gov websites (healthcare, social security, unemployment, IRS, etc.). The library provides equal access to computers, WiFi, and the Internet so that every individual in our community, regardless of economic status or technology limitations, is able to participate in our democracy.

Freedom to Read
Librarians protect and defend every individual's freedom to read freely. The Library provides information, ideas and resources that meet the diverse needs, interests and perspectives of the entire community.

The public library serves people of every age, education level, income level, ethnicity and physical ability. For many people, libraries provide resources that they could not otherwise afford - resources they need to live, learn, work and govern. (ALA)