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Wednesday, April 15, 2020
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and unprecedented economic impact on residents, the Chesterfield Township Library Board of Trustees approved the postponement of a proposed millage on the August 04, 2020 election ballot for the construction and operation of the new public library.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020
The Library's architecture firm, Stantec,
presented the preliminary conceptual design of the new public library during the regular meeting of the Chesterfield Township Board held at the Municipal Offices.

Watch the architect's presentation via the YouTube video of the February 25, 2020 meeting. (@ minute 11:35)

Wednesday, February 19, 2020
The Chesterfield Township Library Board of Trustees approved a proposed millage to fund the construction and operation of the new public library, and to place that millage request on the election ballot August 4, 2020. The amount of the proposed millage is still to be determined.

Friday, November 08, 2019
25th Anniversary Gala Celebration and Fundraising Event
Stantec, the architecture firm selected by the Library Board of Trustees, presented details of the preliminary conceptual design of the new public library. Residents are encouraged to stop in the Library to view the panels. Questions, comments and suggestions are invited.

View from Northwest 11.08.2019 thumbnail

View of Collections Area 11.08.2019 thumbnail

Site Plan 11.08.2019 thumbnail

Floor Plans 11.8.2019 thumbprint

Q. Where will the new public library be located?
A. Southeast corner of 21 Mile Rd. and Sugarbush Rd.
A. Address: 28380 21 Mile Road, Chesterfield, MI 48047

Q. When will construction start?

A. The Library is currently securing funding to build the new library.
A. Estimated start date is 2021.

Q. What does the library currently pay in rent?
A. $9,900/month or $118,800/year.

Q. What will be the size of the new public library?
A. The building will be 35,000 square feet.
A. General planning recommends 1 square foot per resident.
A. Population July 2018 = 46,387 (U.S. Census Population Estimates)
A. Percent reduced from need = 24% reduction.

Q. How much will the new library cost?
A. Conservative total cost per square foot is $425/sf.
A. 35,000sf x $425/sf = $14,875,000 Million

Q. How much will the new library cost me?
A. One portion of the cost will be met through the Library's Building Fund and donations*
     *Naming rights are available for the new public library in full or by room based on donation level. 
     *ex. [Your Name Here] Public Library
A. One portion of the cost will be met through grant-seeking efforts.

A. One portion of the cost will be met through raising a bond/millage.

Q. What is the library's current operating millage rate?
A. The Library levies a single, operating millage at the rate of 0.7 mills.
A. That millage rate is reduced by the Headlee Amendment.
     *Actual FY2020 operating rollback millage rate: 0.6184
A. The July 01, 2019 U.S. Census Estimate lists the median housing value in Chesterfield Township as $187,100. Based on taxable value, that homeowner currently pays about $57.85/year or $4.82/month or $0.16 cents/day for public library services.
$187,100/2 = $93,550 x 0.6184 = $57,851/1000 = $57.85/year/365 = $0.16 cents/day

Monday, August 19, 2019 @ 6:30 p.m.
Public Meeting
Meet the architects from Stantec, the firm selected by the Chesterfield Township Library Board of Trustees to design the new public library for our community.

We value your input. Share your ideas and suggestions directly with the architects for features you would like to see included in the site-specific design.

June 19, 2019
The Library Board of Trustees selected the architecture firm, Stantec, to create the new community library program leading to a site-specific design for the future public library in Chesterfield.

June 17, 2019
The Future Library Development Committee will meet at 6:00 p.m. to determine which architecture firm they will recommend to the Library Board of Trustees.

May 15, 2019

Three architecture firms have been selected by the Library Board of Trustees for the shortlist to provide presentations regarding their vision for a site-specific design for the new public library:

  • Legat Architects: Presentation Monday, June 3 @ 6:00 p.m.
  • Stantec: Presentation Wednesday, June 5 @ 6:00 p.m.
  • HBM Architects: Presentation Tuesday, June 11 @ 6:00 p.m

Proposal Response Timeline:
Review of Proposal Statements completed by May 15, 2019

Contract negotiations and award by June 19, 2019

March 29, 2019
RFP deadline:
10 proposals were received from the following architecture firms regarding a site-specific design:
  • Daniels and Zermack Architects
  • HBM Architects
  • inFORM Studio
  • Legat Architects
  • Mohler Architects, part 1
  • Mohler Architects, part 2
  • OPN Architects, Inc.
  • PARTNERS in Architecture
  • Quinn Evans Architects
  • Stantec
  • Straub Pettitt Yaste Architects

March 23, 2019
Public Meeting - Share input on features for new library:
The Library held a public meeting to give every resident an opportunity to share their ideas for the new library.
23 March 2019 Public mtg
23 March 2019 Public mtg2

February 01, 2019
RFP - Site-specific design:
The Chesterfield Township Library is issuing a Request for Proposal to solicit interest from qualified and bonded professional design firms to develop a New Community Library Program proposal. The Proposal is sought to aid the Library in selecting the best construction plan that will meet its future service needs.
Issue date: February 01, 2019
Closing Date: March 29, 2019; 4:30 p.m.

November 27, 2018
The Library Board of Trustees purchased 5.698 acres of vacant land for the purpose of constructing a new library building.
Where: Southeast corner of 21 Mile Rd. and Sugarbush Rd.
Cost: $100,000, paid in full
Purchased from: Macomb Interceptor Drain Drainage District
Parcel Number: 15-09-32-127-033
Address: 28380 21 Mile Road, Chesterfield, MI 48047
Library property 21 Mile Rd
Image courtesy of Google Maps

November 1, 2018
Public Conversation - Library Land Acquisition:
The Library held a public meeting to discuss and answer all questions regarding the potential purchase of vacant land for the purpose of constructing a new library building.



Patron suggested features for new public library via whiteboard (January 2019)

New Library Features Jan 2019small - Copy

  • Aquarium with Beta fish/Platy/Mollie
  • Area for writing
  • Bike rack
  • Cafe/Vending/Coffee corner/Bakeshop
  • Chairs with reclining backs for back support
  • Drop off box outside
  • Eating station
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Station
  • Fireplace
  • Genealogy room
  • Go Green
  • Heat
  • Hold pickup lockers (after hours)
  • Large Children's area - updated toys/materials
  • Large group meeting room
  • Listening room
  • Makerspace area
  • More and bigger bean bag chairs
  • Nice sitting area
  • Outdoor area/Lounge with bird feeders/Seating
  • Separate Teen space
  • Small meeting room with A/V options
  • Study rooms
  • Walking path
  • Waterfall
  • Windows/Natural light with seating & device charging
Patron Suggested Features for New Public LIbrary via Facebook (January 2019)
  • Coffee bar
  • I love the walking path idea, and how about a patio area? I second the large meeting room and more windows. Perhaps look into floor coverings that can be taken up and cleaned easily, some products are Ruggables and FLOR. Sustainable design of the building (LEED certification) besides being the right thing to do it saves costs in the long run.
  • More windows and a coffee bar
  • Coffee/snack friendly lounging area indoors and outdoors. Especially if a part of the building faces trees and brush, then it could be very relaxing and a destination for families looking to do something very low cost and the more time a family spends at the library the more they’ll utilize all the cool resources!
  • Fireplace with seating area
  • Seating area by windows, the bigger the windows the better. Lots of trees.
  • An inviting children’s area with interactive features. A separate teen area.
  • State of the Art facility: Tables with plug/USB port access, and Wifi. Print or copy room would be great too. Love all the ideas on the board. Kid, family and teenager friendly!
  • I like the walking path, patio and coffee bar ideas.
  • SO many great ideas. A nice sitting area near the kids program area would be nice for parents who are sitting/waiting for their kids. Skylights would be nice. A gas fireplace like said above sounds amazing.
  • Small Mom's room for breast feeding
  • As far as decor maybe a nautical look would be nice. Also maybe some part of the library to pay homage to library history.
  • Open Sundays
  • More cool things to check out. Clinton Macomb has tools, an inflatable projector screen for backyard movie nights, and how about old slide projectors to check out, so you can watch old family photos.
Patron Suggested Content Features via whiteboard (January 2019)
  • Adult crafts
  • Beds
  • Board games checkout
  • Card swipe for workstation access
  • Cooking classes
  • Cricut for patron use in library
  • Complete study books for IT and medical certification
  • Craft programs
  • Dogs you can read to any time you want
  • Harry Potter
  • Headphones with music
  • Knitting/Crocheting programs
  • Late night hours
  • Later hours
  • More adult cooking classes
  • More books and DVDs
  • More books for kids
  • More computers
  • More crochet books
  • More dog man books
  • More games on tablets in kid's area
  • More horse books
  • More Manga
  • More medical books, study guides, longer hours
  • More movies
  • More plants
  • More WWE
  • More youth books
  • Movie nights
  • New books
  • Open on Sunday/Sunday hours
  • Puzzles
  • Wireless printing
  • Writer's groups