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Library By Mail

Library by Mail is a free service through which residents of Chesterfield Township can borrow and return books and other library materials through the mail. Because Chesterfield Township Library is fine-free, there are no late charges for items arriving late due to shipping.

Who is eligible for Library by Mail?
All Chesterfield Township residents who are unable to physically access the library for any reason. 

What materials are available by mail?
Books, audiobooks, music CDs, DVDs and magazines from the Chesterfield Township Library’s collection may be borrowed by mail. Items that cannot be borrowed through this service includes games, kits, technology devices, and items from other libraries. 

How to apply for Library by Mail?
Complete a Reading Recommendation form online or telephone Reference at (586) 598-4900. A librarian will reach out to you for a follow-up conversation about your recommendation form and your reading interests.

How are materials received from the library?
Materials are mailed in a postage paid library mailing bag. Please return materials in the same library mailing bag.

How to return items?
When you are ready to return the items, place the items back in the special mailing bag, turn the label over and give to the mail carrier. The return postage is already affixed. Please leave sufficient shipping time for the items to be returned by their due date.

How to reserve materials?
You can reserve material by calling Reference at (586) 598-4900 or by completing a Reading Recommendation form.

Does it cost anything to use the Library by Mail service?
The service is free to Chesterfield Township Library residents.