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The Library of Things collection features a whole spectrum of interesting, educational and entertainment options.

American Girl Dolls
Bitty Baby Doll #1
Bitty Baby Doll #3
Bitty Baby Doll #4
Bitty Baby Doll #5
Gabriella McBride 
Nanea Mitchell  
Tenney Grant
Z Yang

Community Art Journal - Adult
Community Art Journal - Teen
Community Art Journal - Kids

Board Games
Backgammon: 21" Classic Tournament Set
Choose One!
Deblockle: The Strategy game of Tips and Turns
Hive: A Game Crawling with Possibilities
Kindness Cards for Kids: 52 Ways to Make Every Day a Little Better
Marvel fluxx
One Night Ultimate Werewolf
Parcheesi Royal Edition
Pass the Pigs
Reverse Charades
Risk: The game of strategic conquest
Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age
Sequence : classic
Spontuneous: The game where lyrics come to life
Sushi go party! : the deluxe pick and pass card game
Ticket to ride : the cross-country train adventure game!
Tsuro: The game of the Path
Yoga Dice

Civics and Citizenship Toolkit: A collection of educational resources for immigrants

Cricut Personal Machine
Rainbow loom kit

Inflatable Movie Screen

Exploring Feelings Kit

Literacy Kits
Learn American Sign Language : all-in-one course for beginners
Mission: READ! Grade Kindergarten Phonics
Mission: READ! Grade Kindergarten Phonemic Awareness
Mission: READ! Grade Kindergarten Vocabulary
Mission: READ! Grade Kindergarten Comprehension
Mission: READ! Grade Kindergarten Fluency
Mission: READ! Grade 1 Phonics
Mission: READ! Grade 1 Phonemic Awareness
Mission: READ! Grade 1 Vocabulary
Mission: READ! Grade 1 Comprehension
Mission: READ! Grade 1 Fluency
Mission: READ! Grade 2 Phonics
Mission: READ! Grade 2 Phonemic Awareness
Mission: READ! Grade 2 Vocabulary
Mission: READ! Grade 2 Comprehension
Mission: READ! Grade 2 Fluency
Mission: READ! Grade 3 Phonics
Mission: READ! Grade 3 Phonemic Awareness
Mission: READ! Grade 3 Vocabulary
Mission: READ! Grade 3 Comprehension
Mission: READ! Grade 3 Fluency
Preschool concepts kit: Colors

Preschool concepts kit: Counting
Preschool concepts kit: Shapes
Preschool concepts kit: The alphabet
Storysack: Our cat Cuddles

Storysack: Mrs. Honey's hat
Storysack: There was an old lady
Storysack: Old Macdonald had a farm

Memory Care Kits
Memory Care Kit 1
Memory Care Kit 2
Memory Care Kit 3
Memory Care Kit 4
Memory Care Kit 5

Musical Instruments
Alesis Recital 88-Key Digital Piano
Music Maker Lap Harp
Pat Bells

Science & Technology
3-D Micro+ printer
Bounty Hunter Quick Draw Pro Metal Detector
Dell Chromebook 3100
IPEVO Ziggi USB Document Camera
Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000
My First Lab duo-scope

Ozobot: The game piece with brains     
Telescope: Orion 10015 StarBlast 4.5 Astro
WiFi Mobile Hotspot

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM) Kits
Fairy Tales Problem Solving Kit, The Gingerbread Man
Fairy Tales Problem Solving Kit, Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Fairy Tales Problem Solving Kit, Little Red Riding Hood
Fairy Tales Problem Solving Kit, Rapunzel
Fairy Tales Problem Solving Kit, The Three Billy Goats Gruff
Fairy Tales Problem Solving Kit, The Three Little Pigs
LittleBits Kit 1
LittleBits Kit 2
LittleBits Kit 3
LittleBits Kit 4

WiFi Hotspots and Chromebook laptops made possible through the IMLS. 


Do you need an Internet connection at home, at the beach, at your campsite, or anywhere you go? Free access to the Internet is available anytime, anywhere, when you check out one of the Library's 30 mobile WiFi Hotspots. Get connected today!
WiFi Hotspot


With online learning and work from home needs, borrow a Chromebook laptop with Google OS where most applications and data reside in the cloud rather than on the machine itself. Use your personal Gmail account. A WiFi connection is required - pair the laptop with a WiFi Hotspot from the Library to complete your home, or on the go, classroom or office.
Laptop sm

The Micro+ 3D Printer allows all ages, from young to experienced, to create, design and manufacture an object through 3D printing processes. The M3D Printer kit includes the printer, power cord, USB cord, quick tips, user manual, and spool of "ink" filament.
3D Printer sm

American Girl Dolls want to come for a visit with you! Read about their adventures or share your favorite books with them. Check out a Bitty Baby or Gabriela, Nanea, Tenney, and Z Yang.
American Girl Dolls Library of Things

Become the life of the party by showing up with a board game to crank up the fun. From cornhole to parcheesi to Quarto, the Library's got game!
Board Games LoT


Each Mission: READ! Booster Pack contains books, educational games and activities to engage young readers in a fun way while building their reading skills. Booster Packs support the areas of 1) Phonics, 2) Phonemic Awareness, 3) Vocabulary, 4) Comprehension and 5) Fluency. There is one Booster Pack per area for each grade, Kindergarten to Grade 3, for a total of 20 Booster Packs. Check the Library catalog for availability.

Booster Kit

Color outside of the lines and draw in this book! Add your personal style and creative entry to one of three Community Art Journals. We've got one for Adults, Teens and Children.

Community Art Journals LoT


Slip the song sheet under the strings and you and children of all ages can make music together. Includes lap harp, pick, various song sheets and tuning wrench in a carrying case.  
harp LoT

Check out the night sky, literally! Plan your night sky explorations around these cool telescopes assembled for the Library by the Warren Astronomical Society for use by residents. Take one to your backyard, camping, the beach, or wherever you enjoy the night sky. Telescopes were purchased through LSTA grant funding - the Library of Michigan Public Library Services Grant Program. The project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library services. Includes telescope, National Audubon Night Sky identification guide, light and marker.
Telescope LoT

Easy to play, bring the joyful sound of the islands to your own home today. Includes ukulele, pick, sheet music, and instructional CD in a carry case.
ukulele LoT