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Virtual Library Card

Every student has a free public library card ready and waiting to be used!

Local school students and the Chesterfield Township Library, as well as the 21-member public libraries of the Suburban Library Cooperative, are partnering together to meet the ConnectED Library Challenge through a Virtual Library Card program. This presidential initiative encourages collaborations between elected officials, school leaders, and public libraries to create or strengthen partnerships so that every child enrolled in school has a public library card. Our partnership is one of the first of its kind in the nation!

Read more about the White House initiative.

Resources for Libraries, Parents/Students, and Schools for the Virtual Library Card program.

Current Partnerships with the Chesterfield Township Library
1. L'Anse Creuse Public Schools
2. Austin Catholic High School
3. Anchor Bay School District

Read more about our local partnership: Virtual library cards expand access to learning
Lewis, Shawn D. "Virtual library cards expand access to learning." Detroit News 20 Nov. 2016

How the partnership works...

  1. Students who already have a public library card are ready to go.

  2. Every student previously without a library card has been issued one automatically using the student’s school ID number as the public library card number. The password is the four digits of the student’s year of birth.

  3. Students should visit the library’s website to access a wide variety of resources.

  4. Students are encouraged to upgrade their access so they can check out print materials and more. Please call the library assigned to your school for further information. A parent or guardian signature plus photo ID is required.

  5. Teachers, regardless of residency, are encouraged to apply for a public library card if they do not already have one in order to have full access to the resources available to their students.

What students and teachers get...

  • Electronic reference sources and homework help, including encyclopedias, that can be used for writing school papers

  • eBooks

  • eMagazines (over 90 popular titles)

  • Free use of the library’s WiFi and public computers featuring Microsoft Office applications and internet access; printing capability

  • Since each library is an independent entity, additional resources may be available. Visit the library’s website or speak to the designated library contact listed on the reverse side of this sheet for further information.

Access is only the beginning...

  • Encouraging students and faculty to use the resources of the public library is a critical part of the success of this program.

  • Regular communication between educators and librarians will help public libraries better respond to student homework assignment needs.

  • Public library summer reading and education programs help participating students maintain or increase grade and reading levels.

Breaking new ground...
This multi-library partnership with area schools is one of the first of its kind in the nation. We appreciate ongoing feedback on how to overcome any barriers or problems that arise. We are looking forward to learning together and helping your students/our patrons succeed!

Contact us...
While our libraries are independent entities we have tried to make things as easy as possible for students and teachers. Each school has been assigned to the library district in which it resides. Students wishing to upgrade their access so they can check out print materials and other items should contact their home library. Feel free to contact any of our libraries for assistance with questions.