2022 Peeps Diorama Contest

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Peeps Diorama Contest

Celebrate National Library Week with the Chesterfield Township Library's annual Peeps Diorama Contest.
s accepted Monday, March 28, 2022, through Friday, April 01, 2022.
Completed entry forms must be attached to dioramas.
Winners will be announced on Monday, April 11, 2022.
Click here for entry form and complete information.

  • Diorama display must fit inside a box the size of a shoebox.
  • Diorama must be based on a book or have a literary theme.
  • All characters in your scene must be made using Peeps.
  • Limit one entry per person or team. Teams will be placed in the category of their oldest member for judging. This means parent/child teams are in the adult category. Teams will be competing for a single prize.