Chesterfield Township Library Receives Library of Michigan Certification for Meeting "Essential" Level of Quality Services

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Chesterfield Township Library Receives Library of Michigan Certification for Meeting "Essential" Level of Quality Services

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 The Chesterfield Township Library Receives Library of Michigan Certification for Meeting ‘Essential Level’ of Quality Services.

The Library of Michigan today awarded the Chesterfield Township Library a certificate of completion for meeting the Essential Level requirements of the Quality Services Audit Checklist (QSAC). To earn certification, the Chesterfield Township Library demonstrated its competence in seven categories of achievement including human resources; governance/administration; services; collection development; technology; facilities and equipment; and public relations.

“We are proud that the Chesterfield Township Library has accomplished this achievement in meeting the benchmarks and requirements for ‘essential’ level of services as established by the Library of Michigan,” said Elizabeth Madson, Library Director. “This accomplishment is only possible due to the focused efforts of the entire library staff who worked in teams to evaluate the ‘essential’ core quality QSAC measures, identified gaps and shortcomings, then developed solutions to meet the required measures. Many of these solutions required an investment in time for a thorough RFP process, followed by implementation or installation.  Likewise, the Library Board of Trustees adopted necessary policies and strategic plans, and approved funding for improvements to resources, technology, services and the facility.”

“Public libraries are essential to the communities they serve because equal access to information, ideas and resources means every individual in our community has an equal opportunity for success. Providing ‘essential’ level services to our community, to our residents, to our neighbors, to our tax-payers is significant in that the Chesterfield Township Library is able to demonstrate that it has its house in order,” said Madson. “The Library’s staff and trustees are excellent stewards of resources and are dedicated to providing lifelong learning through early literacy initiatives, youth and teen activities that build skills for student success, and adult programs, reading groups and community conversations. In November 2018, the Chesterfield Township Library purchased 5.698 acres of vacant land for the purpose of building a new public library – a permanent home, because public libraries are essential.”

“QSAC represents the work of more than 100 library directors, trustees and staff members who together created measures of quality for our state’s public libraries,” said State Librarian Randy Riley. “The staff of the Chesterfield Township Library is to be commended for achieving a vital milestone in library service.”

QSAC was made possible by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) through Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) funding. The IMLS, an independent Federal grant-making agency dedicated to creating and sustaining a nation of learners by helping libraries and museums serve their communities, supports the Chesterfield Township Library.

For more information about the Quality Services Audit Checklist, visit the Library of Michigan’s QSAC page at