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The Chesterfield Township Library provides 24/7 access to free online learning resources.



BookFlix is a digital, early literacy tool from Scholastic that pairs a picture book story with a factual book on the same subject. "The fiction and nonfiction pairings are designed to strengthen early literacy skills while exposing young learners to real world concepts." (Scholastic)

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Vetted, credentialed tutors provide online, individualized, live tutoring in over 40 subject areas from 12 Noon to 12 Midnight every day. Students with no Internet connection at home have access through their public library. 

Tutor.com is an equalizer, a tool that gives every student, regardless of his or her economic condition, the opportunity to be successsful. Adults will also appreciate Tutor.com's resources for career development and business topics. Witha 24-hour turnaround time, the drop-off resume writing service will be essential to many job seekers.

Whether your dream is improving your grades, acing an exam, graduating High School, attending college, or finding a job, Tutor.com will help you achieve your goals. Tutor.com provides homework help for K-12th grade, intro-level college, adult learners and job seekers.

  • Support in over 40 subjects and test prep areas
  • One-to-one, on-demand homework help and tutoring
  • The Princeton Review SAT/ACT essentials test prep
  • Self-study tools such as practice quizzes and flashcards
  • Fully vetted educational and job search resources
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Learning Express
LearningExpress Library is provided through the Michigan eLibrary and offers free access to skill building School Center, College Admissions Test Preparation, High School Equivalency Center, Career Preparation, Resume Services, and Adult Core Skills.
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Michigan eLibrary
Learn: Are you looking for help with school work or finding  a new book to read?
Click here for free access to MeL. We have fast, reliable online resources for homework and classroom activities.


Reliable, quality information is available from home with just a few clicks. Students from elementary through high school will find resources to help them write essays and research papers and complete homework assignments. Includes over 132,000 encyclopedia articles, 103,000 images, 7,500 multimedia elements, more than 27,000 eBooks, and novels and essays. Tools include translation for 50+ languages and read-aloud functionality.  

  • eBook Collections in MeL 

The eBooks K-8 Collection includes beginner cookbooks, craft books, alphabet books, Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, Big Nate series, and a wide range of students’ favorite sports’ team, just to name a few.   The eBooks High School collection has Illustrated ClassicsOrca series, sports’ collections, biographies, history books, STEM books, do-it-yourself projects, and over 1,200 young adult fiction titles.  Be sure to explore the eBooks AcademiceBooks Business, and eBooks Public Library collections as well.   

Find bite-sized pieces of content for your K-2 learners. All types of animals are covered as well as habitats, animal behavior, and dinosaurs. The social studies area covers topics ranging from “Being a Good Citizen” to continents and countries and “Jobs in the Community” to “People and the Environment” and transportation. Short videos and activity sheets are also available so learners can be active participants from home. 

Students in grades PreK-3 can follow Trek and Taffy the cat around the world. Share their love of colors, numbers, game, and other fun things. Come inside for stories and pictures! 

Students in grades Pre K-5 will find easy-to-read content in addition to hundreds of activities, science projects and experiments. 

Khan Academy
Khan Academy offers free online courses, lessons, and practice in Math, Science, Reading, and more.
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