Genealogy & Local History

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Genealogy & Local History

The Chesterfield Township Library is home to the Anchor Bay area's local history collection.

1. The Bernard and Ceola Trinity Archive
The Trinity Archive at the Chesterfield Township Library preserves physical items of local history interest, and is accessible to the public during regular library hours. The Trinity Archive also includes the following:

2. The Local History Digital Collection
Librarians at the Chesterfield Township Library are continually digitizing items of local history and preserving them in the digital archive of the Local History Digital Collection, maintained through the 21-member library Suburban Library Cooperative. This collection includes digital copies of the entire run of The Chesterfield Review.
Click here for free access to the Local History Digital Collection.

3. logo Library Edition is for in-library use only as a benefit to residents and library users.

Discover your ancestors with this genealogy tool that has unparalleled coverage of the United States and United Kingdom, including census, vital, church, court, and immigration records, as well as record collections from Canada and other areas.

Click here for free access to is paid for through the Chesterfield Township Library's membership in the Suburban Library Cooperative, and made available through every public library in Macomb County, Harper Woods, and Troy, in order to provide every individual equal access to opportunities for success. 

4. The Chesterfield Township Historical Society Collection

The Society's collection is preserved at the Chesterfield Township Library, and is accessible to the public during regular library hours. The Society welcomes donations of artifacts, documents, old records, maps, photos, abstracts, genealogies, biographies, newspapers, directories, letters, diaries, journals, service records, portraits and publications relating to the history of Chesterfield Township. These items can be copied and returned.
Learn more about the Chesterfield Township Historical Society.